For this blog I want to propose the topic of giving importance to underlying diseases that might be mistaken for schizophrenia. I was diagnosed with a very severe brain disease during 2016 which really did test my beliefs a lot and challenge me. Before that I struggled with mental health related disorders so when the symptoms of the brain disease started happening many around me including myself assumed it was just something in my head, as if it were nothing. After finally having this disease diagnosed and although majority of the time I was in the hospital I was not really conscious, my personal belief has been completely shaped by these events. I do not think my belief has a certain name, but I can do my best to explain it. For example, when I hear about people around my age experiencing headaches or feelings they can’t explain I automatically think of when I felt those things and how crazy I felt at the time. This topic and belief is so much bigger than I am. It’s not only about preventing a brain disease known as ANTI NMDA Receptor Encephalitis happening to anyone else, but to also create a safe comfort zone where it can be discussed. For myself, it also surrounds the discussion of mental health because often times we assume it is not as bad as the person thinks it is or it is just a phase. I was reading about other people who went through the same brain disease I did and how some never recovered, they could never walk again. I was lucky enough with a great amount of therapy able to learn how to function again, but not everyone is. This entire thing just ties up all my beliefs which summarize to emphasizing and giving importance to mental health and the things it can become. My goal right now and future goal will always be to keep talking about this and keep finding compassion within myself to recognize these issues amongst others even though I no longer deal with them.


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